How to update an IGEL UDC 2 (IGEL OS 5) to OSC (IGEL OS 11)?


Which are the proper licensing steps to update an UDC2 (v5) to OSC (OS11)?

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• Update UDC2 to latest v5 firmware.

• Add UDC2 to UDC3 (v10) upgrade license on IGEL Portal for that device.

• Assign UDC2 to UDC3 license on UMS.

• Update firmware from v5 to latest v10.

• Add MMCP license on IGEL Portal.

• Add or convert UDC3 to OSC (WE. OS11) license on IGEL Portal.

• Update firmware from latest v10 to latest OS11.

• Enjoy new version.

Do I missed any step? Must to be in a different order?


Easier would be (at least, from the workload), install OSC directly, without doing all the steps in between. But from the order you described, you should be good!

Don’t you need to remove the old license from the device? We are doing automatic license distribution using the ALD token. So when we upgrade from v5 or v10 to v11 the device has 2 licenses. We then remove the old license and upgrade them to v11 (we need support for that as the old license came without MMCP).

It would be helpful if we could detect the devices with 2 licenses.

Hey @member, the advantage of Bruno’s proposed steps is that it can all be done remotely. Reinstalling OS11 from scratch might not be feasible if he has a large number of devices, or they are far away.

@member your steps look good to me, except remember you may need to tick some additional settings inside System > Firmware Update in order to allow the firmware upgrade from UDC2 to UDC3, and from UDC3 to OS11.

@member do you mean remove the license in the UMS or in the ILP? (or on the device locally?)

Devices get two licenses after upgrade. The old v10 license and a new v11 license from the ALD token. Removing one license from the license portal also removes it from the UMS (after a sync). We then upgrade the old v10 licenses.

Actually when upgrade to firmware v10.5 it already takes a v11 license.

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