How to update IGEL OS updating firmware on reboot?

Does anyone have a method for updating firmware on reboot, not shutdown or boot?

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I’ve tried the Views/Jobs method, but it skips the firmware update unless I specifically boot or shutdown; reboot just reboots the devices. My thought it to be able to schedule a reboot using a Job, where the update would kick off, but another issue I’m seeing is that if a user is on the system, it’s going to force a reboot once the firmware has completed updating.

To add to this, scheduling a Reboot job – or even rebooting the device by right-clicking on it in UMS – seems to just shut it down. I have to wake it up via UMS to get it to start again (in OS 11.01.110). Weird.

We are using Buddy System and “Automatic Update Check on Boot” Launches it on reboot. I have also had this work with scheduled reboot.

It may be a hard sell to leadership for a firmware update on boot (healthcare). If I could at least warn the users, allowing them to close everything before the update, that would suffice.

But if it updated on boot, nothing would be open yet, right? If your network/update server are fast enough, an update is only a couple minutes in duration.

@member I understand your thoughts, so let‘s maybe do another approach. One last thing:I believe that update on boot would fit best, because you could send a reboot job after the update on boot job start, and you should be good!

So, under System,Remote Management, Check prompt user on UMS Action and there increase the timeout as you need; you can set if and how long a message stays on the endpoint.

Assuming that you want to send out the update and users should be able to interupt the process OR end their task, that would work.

As a last alternative, start the update on idle like described here: by 24/7 idle firmware but it‘s a bit more complex. Hope it helps a bit:

@member, you’d think that’d be the case, but man, these guys start clicking on stuff the second they see the desktop load.

@member, it sounds like I’ll have to fight for this scenario, since it seems to be the most seamless (to me). I don’t recall ever seeing a message on the completion of the firmware, just at the start of the process, so that change may not be what I’m looking for here. As for the custom idle script, I really like that idea. At the very least, I’m going to give it a try to see how it functions. If it really is as simple as applying that code in a profile, that would be ideal.

Thank you both!

With regards to that custom script, is the entire code still accurate for OS11? Specifically, this line:

`NEW=$(cat /wfs/group.ini | grep IGEL_Universal_Desktop | egrep -o “([0-9]{1,}.)+[0-9]{1,}”)`

I couldn’t find IGEL_Universal_Desktop in group.ini via SSH.

Valid point, newer OS11 are in another Webdav directory like:


so you could maybe remove the _Universal_Desktop

I actually changed it to IGEL_OS, which does return the new firmware version, but it doesn’t seem to run. I’ve been adjusting the time to get it to hit after I apply the profile, too.

What happens when trying to launch the script by hand? /bin/bash /wfs/updatescript

and what are the logs saying?

Running it manually actually updated the firmware. Once it boots back up, I’ll check out the logs. The only other line I changed was the top line:

systemd-run –unit=”update-script” –on-calendar=”Fri -*- 09:20:00″ /wfs/updatescript

I think the error lies exactly in the syntax of systemd-run

This one, a.e. runs the script every day on 4:00AM

systemd-run –unit=”update-script” –on-calendar=”-*- 04:00″ /wfs/updatescript

be careful, Slack is removing some characters.

so it should be Start minus star minus star 04:00

You know what? I removed the profile, downgraded to 11.01.110, and then redid it all and now it’s working. I’m thinking that one of my reboots wasn’t timed properly. So it looks good right now!

Okay, so one more possibly dumb question, because I’m not a Linux guy. Removing the profile where this configuration was set leaves the updatescript file on the thin client. Will this continue to run, or should I be creating a separate profile to basically empty out that updatescript file so that if it runs, it doesn’t actually do anything – or better yet, delete the scheduled job (if that’s what it is)?

Not dumb, a real good question! Well, once created the file will stay until you factory reset the device. As a difference to the systemd job which would be reseted to the igel defaults (deleting yours) after a reboot.

Nice, so basically at every reboot, the command will reschedule everything after every reboot. So I really shouldn’t need to do anything outside of removing the profile with the custom command and the firmware file. Thank you!

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