How to upgrade and migrate a UMS?

Hi Team,

Currently we have one UMS server(version 1.10.120) in production and running on Window server 2012r2 , now we built new windows server 2022 in anther datacenter and installed UMS 12.01.110. I am following below article to complete the configuration because we are using same external database, could you please suggest us if do you have any limitations or recommendations.

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Hi! No, this article is from what I see covering most not to say all the aspects of a migration. If you are using the same DB, it is pretty straight forward since profiles, configs runtimes etc. are already there. You have to cover the Universal Management Suite Administrator, DHCP/DNS and files part.

We are using same SQL DB server Sebastien

could you please help us with backout plan if new server not sync with current production ICG servers

Just remove them from the connection list and re add them. This should do the trick.

Sounds good, thank you very much Sebastien. If we need add any new ICG server means we can add it right

Sorry to ask you again, our current ICG version is 2.04.100 and it is compatible with new UMS 12.01.110. or once we complete the UMS migration we can add new ICG server version 12.01.100? we have 6000+ endpoints once new UMS is online , all endpoints will sync with new UMS via ICG servers right automatically or do we need to create any profile for this

I mean I would try to allign the IGEL Cloud Gateway version, as soon as possible to use the full potential.

If the IGEL Cloud Gateway Address and Certificate chain stays the same, it should sync automatically as soon as both are connected.

Great, thank you Sebastien. we do have same ICG Gateway address and certs in place

I would strongly recommend uninstalling/reinstalling the ICGs on 2.05.110 or 12 as part of this migration – note that if you remove them from the list you need to reinstall anyways. It doesn’t take too long, and device connectivity is not impacted if you re-use the same addresses and certificates

Hello Josh, you mean we need to uninstall 2.05.110 and install same version or shall I install 12.01.110, below is the ICG linux version

Please confirm once I have created a data source in new UMS server 12.01.110 with existing SQL database then I have reinstall ICG version with existing ICG servers?

I guess he meant upgrading the corresponding ICGs to 2.05 or 12.

Thanks Sebastien and Josh. Just I have verified our ICG version is 2.05.100 only, so this case we don’t required to upgrade to 12 right because I am not sure linux OS support for 12 or not . below are the ICG details.

Ok, this is great! upgrading to IGEL Cloud Gateway 12 works very very well with OS11, please consider it ☺️

do we think during this migration with existing database it will impact for iGel devices Sebastien?

no, it shouldn‘t ☺️

I mean we have outsource partner and they are registered the devices with our ICG names , devices are sync with current UMS server and during the upgrade when we stop the RMGUIserver service and create a new data source in New server with existing DB right, if we stop the service in current UMS it will create any impact for iGel devices

As I mentioned earlier we have ICG 2.05.100 with linux Debain 9 and it is compatible upto 2.05.110, if we want to upgrade the ICG to 12 current Linux Dubain 9 will not support

“`Below are the supported Linux versions for ICG 12=============================================================================

Supported environment:


Debian 11

Debian 10

Ubuntu 22.04

Ubuntu 20.04

Ubuntu 18.04

Oracle Linux 8

Oracle Linux 7

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7

SUSE Enterprise Server 15

SUSE Enterprise Server 12

Amazon Linux v2“`

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