How to Upgrade IGEL OS via ICG

I am trying to download the correct version of 11.3.500 to upgrade our dell laptops from v10 via ICG. Should I use the OSC or the OSC legacy version? Also, I noticed it wants a USB stick and there is an .iso included as well? Can you point me in the right direction as what I need to do to get the right files into AWS so I can upgrade via ICG? Thank you.

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Read the Firmware Updates guide:

Thank you, that is the first place I looked but that document is a touch out dated. Once I download the files for 11.3.500 do I need to create the USB boot stick and upload the files to my AWS share?

I just did this last week. You are correct, the guide is for os10 and is, therefore, out of date. Don’t use the osc files. You want to use the firmware update. Extract the files and upload all 48 files.

@member is correct. OSC won’t work because it contains an ISO instead of the raw files

Another reason why we need to get the guides updated, @member! 😅

Yeah. The process in the guide for AWS is a little different, but pretty close. I think AWS changed their interface a little.

Thank you. I was looking for the raw files and went to the wrong place, used legacy instead of the lxos version

Yw, it took me a while to figure out what was needed also. I tried all kinds of configurations before I figured it out.

I hear you guys! 🙂

Thanks everyone. I downloaded the files from the site and unzipped them and put them in AWS. I can do an upgrade via ICG from 10.6.100 to 10.6.167 no problem. When trying to do the v11 upgrade via ICG I am getting errors that it can’t find osiv.inf file, because it doesn’t exist. Did I download the wrong version of 11? I am trying to upgrade an intel based laptop from 10.6.167 to 11.3.500 via ICG as well

I think you need to go to a lower version of 11 first. @member what version did we go to from 10.6.167?


sorry for the delay, I wasn’t at a place where I could get in and see what we had done. We upgraded from 10.6.170 to 11.01.100. We then updated to where we currently are, which is 11.3.110. We weren’t able to go from 10.6.170 to 11.3.110 directly.

I believe if you are getting errors about osiv.inf or some other missing files, it is because the profile you are using to update the device with is not set to the correct version. We created an upgrade to OS11 profile, and set the ‘Based on’ to an OS10 build like 10.6.170, and that allowed them to update without those file errors, if I am remembering correctly.

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