How to upgrade the firmware on IGEL USB stick

Helle guys, how can i upgrade the firmware on IGEL usb stick to newest. I dont want to install UMS server and be in a company envirement.

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I want to start the usb stick on a standalone machine (connected to internet) and update it via URL directly. How can i do that?

Thanks nice forum!

Hello, easiest way, go to page 81 of that guide:

There Doug pointed out how to create an external Firmware object. Hope that helps!


Thanks for the reply, i cant find where you can do this locally? NO ums and no Cloud gateway.

I want to do this by login to the udpocket and firmware update i there.

Can you maybe point out in the pdf what section?

You need a Remote Server (WEB, Samba, or FTP) where the device can download from, that‘s where you extract the Zip file mentioned in the doc, to.

Then you can reference it locally in the tool Firmware Update:

You cant point to Igel website to get the firmware directly down to Igel client


Okay i will try with the ftp mode 🙂

Probably you can use the officaly FW Download as HTTP-Server? Don’t have a Client where i can test it now.

Too late… 🙂

Not really… You need the extracted Zip file, our official Igel Servers are only holding the compacted form.

Didn’t know that. Thanks for clarification.

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