How to upload a user certificate with private key to IGEL OS to wort with Citrix NetScaler?

Hi all, a big customer wants to accomplish the following tasks.

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• upload a user certificate with private key on the thinclient, and let it validate via browser

• acknowledge via NetScaler, which connections are maded via a ThinClient

How can I accomplish this?

Thank you. Regards

Hi Giacomo, from what I recall I did it by importing cert&key manually: certutil and pk12util should help:

I might have thought too complicated, but that worked. If you need it after confirmation, a final network command or copying the /userhome/.mozilla/firefox/browser0/cert9.db and key4.db should do the trick. But that’s just for the Firefox…

On User Certifcate AND Citrix: you could consider this Citrix statement:

User Cert Auth via NetScaler Gateway (via Browser Only) and check the Linux Column: not supported, from what I recall.

For the certificate ok, thank you.

But what about recognize on the NetScaler if a connection arrives from an IGEL? Firefox on the IGEL OS has a specific userAgent that permit us to know that comes from an IGEL?

You could set the User Agent manually to something that fits with using the <about:config|about:config> profile setting as a custom preference:

Just checked: if they haven‘t other Linux devices, that one is to 100% listed in the useragent!

Perfect! Tried today, it works.

Happy to help!

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