How to: USB Webcam / Citrix integration on IGEL OS

Trying to get USB Webcam (specifically Logitech Brio) to my Citrix session. I have the profile setup for HDX multimedia redirection and the corresponding Citrix policies. It’s not showing up in session. Shows in USB devices in system information, but not even an option for Webcam information. Thoughts?

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For a first test, I would do the following:

and, assuming we are not speaking about a UC Solution listen below, please teste in a tool that is based on x86 and not x64 on VDI side.

Thanks, doesn’t seem to have made a difference. I’m not using a UC solution (yet). Hope was to use it for Zoom/GTM for community events. I am just using the camera app within Windows and looking in device manager for what’s connected. It isn’t seeing the integrated cam either which the IGEL OS does see that and it works.

Yeah, but HDX Webcam doesn‘t result in Logitech C920 device in Device Manager but HDX Webcam. Please use a Google Chrome 32bit on VDI, and go to a Webcamtest tool like this:

Yeah I wasn’t expecting it to show as a Logitech in device manager, but I’m not seeing any webcam in dev manager. Test in Chrome fails like it can’t find it

Can you share screenhots of your Multimedia / Native USB Redirection profiles?

Are you using USB access control by any chance?

Which Firmware?

Firmware is Webcame information on the IGEL OS does show it now after a couple reboots so it is at least there

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