How to use an external SQL server as the UMS database?

hi there — new to IGEL and just installed my 1st UMS server (HA mode) on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. Ran through the install which wants to use an external database and everything completed successfully. I’ve created a SQL database for the external database but when I attempt to login to the UMS console to configure this, I get errors about invalid username/password. I’m using the same username/password I used to perform the install. I was never prompted for a username/password during the install since the external database uses it’s own username. Am I missing something??

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Hi Lauren, first of all, let me ask: is HA needed or is it optional? Don’t get me wrong HA is great but adds a bit of complexity which isn’t needed everywhere since a single UMS can handle thousands and thousands of devices.

That being said, the DB User is the right user to use for login. Did you check if the user is holding Upper case caracters?

hi Sebastian — thanks for the quick response! I would prefer to use the HA option if at all possible as we want the added resiliency. The challenge I am running into though is that the DB user is created on SQL separate from the install of UMS. UMS install is run from a root user (different username)so the two aren’t even aware of one another. So when I attempt to launch the UMS console from the Ubuntu server, it’s running under my root user context. I have tried using the DB user to login as well, however, I’m not sure how UMS would even be aware of that username at all. Either way, I get an invalid username/password error.

Absolutely! Don’t get me wrong HA is great but just a bit more complex to handle. Let me ask then, did you added the DB connection into the UMS Administrator? If yes, then, the UMS Service should know about it:

Thanks Sebastian! That’s where I’m stuck because when I go t launch the console, I am unable to do so due to the username/password issue. It’s the chicken before the egg problem…I am trying to launch the console to configure the DB but don’t have anything to log into the console with in the interim since it doesn’t accept my username/password of the root user that performed the UMS install.

Just to be clear: the rmadmin is a separate Tool not the console.

my apologies for using the wrong terminology, yes this is the tool I am attempting to run, however, executing it from the Ubuntu server directly doesn’t result in anything. If I try to use X11 to my Windows 10 laptop, that’s when I get the username/password error. I installed XMing on my Windows laptop to enable X11 to be passed through and then I use the X11 options in putty as well. It appears to launch the UMS console though on my Windows 10 laptop. I’ll grab a screenshot.

No reason to be sorry 😌 ! I guess you can‘t install a x11 on the server itself (even just temporary), right?

Does this thread help? Just needs to be adapted to fit to rmadmin

Thanks so much, Sebastian! To get this to work, I had to go through the SSH settings that Ron provided in his Github, install an X11 program onto the Ubuntu server, I used: sudo apt install ssh xauth xorg and then I also needed an X11 client on my Windows 10 laptop (I chose XMing). The other key here was using: sudo /opt/IGEL/RemoteManager/ and NOT which is the console. very distinct difference but easy to miss.

Thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction!

You are welcome Lauren! Glad that you found a way!!

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