How to use Teamviewer on IGEL OS 10?

Hi, is there any way to use teamviewer for linux on Igel OS10? Igel Presales says: There is no need to implement that, because there is no customer who need it at the moment.

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Hey Eike,

can you send me the Ticket Number?


I got something similar done for ScreenConnect, It worked, but it was not really performant, so i dont use it anymore. I could leak the name of the IGEL-engineer to @member

Hi Eike, the answer is quite easy to answer: Custom Partition. It‘s right, we don‘t need Teamviewer by default in our Firmware (license issues, support and so on) BUT if a customer needs that function, we as Igel, try to implement it through a Custom Partition.

That means: creating a „portable version“ of it and assign it through UMS. Let‘s see what Christian D. is able to find out

Problem solved, I think. probably the Support didnt understand the request but I organized the TeamViewer Custom partition for Eike yesterday 😉

Yup, thats right. Thanks a lot @member and @member for the quick help

Christian, is this documented anywhere on the Igel site? Not a requirement for us today, but it may be down the road.

There is a documentation about how to write your own custom partitio:

but we are working on a better guide 😉

Heeeeeeeeeeeey, that guide is great! 🤓✏️

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