How to use the IGEL UMS Files download feature to download over ICG?

Hi togehter, another question – we are using the “files” Feature in UMS to deploy our own jpg and png files for application shortcuts. If we enroll a device via ICG from scratch the files can ́t be downloaded (maybe issue regarding webdav limitation with ICG). But we can ́t setup the files configuration to some external location. Is this a limitation or has someone an idea how we can solve this issue? thx, br Harald

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Hi Harald, which UMS / ICG / IGEL OS versions are you running? They are huge differences between them.

How big are the jpg files?

Hi @member at the moment we are running 6.06.100/2.02.100/10.6.203 or 11.5.133. File Size between 3KB and 300KB. We got Error 404

Can you access the files via Webbrowser on UMS Server with:


Could you update ICG to 2.03.110 and UMS 6.07.100? We addressed a couple of issues regarding Database config caching over ICG.

access via is possible, need authentication. Update to ICG 2.03.110 and UMS 6.07.100 is planned for next week. But i think this issue will not be fixed by this update, any other ideas?

Not for the moment, just a question maybe: the jpgs are part of a Firmware Cuszomization, right?

one file is part of firmware customization, other kpg are configured as “files” in UMS

@member after Update to UMS 6.07.100 and ICG to 2.03.110 the download is working again

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