How to use VMWare Horizon’s native USB redirection to redirect device’s USB -to-Serial adapter?

Hello. I have a question regarding a USB connected coin dispenser causing issues with USB pass through for a USB to serial converter to allow for printing to a dot matrix printer. The client I am working with has been unable to update their devices beyond firmware version 10.04.100 as they lose functionality for both of these devices to operate together. I’ve tried both a UD-3 and an LG thin client on firmware as recent as 11.04.130. As soon as they try a newer version of firmware, when both devices are connected the USB to serial device does not receive a COM port in their VMware View session. When I remove the usb connected coin dispenser, the usb to serial converter receives a COM port in the View session and the user has the ability to print again. I am wondering if I need to create a profile specific to the USB coin dispenser or if you have any recommendations for a resolution.

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So task is to use horizon’s native usb redirection to redirect the coin dispencer’s usb-to-serial adapter?


Has this dot-matrix printer anything to do with the fact that the dispencer gets redirected? Or is this just in the general workflow?

For USB redirection there’s this global switch to redirect all suitable devices at startup of the session:

Did you include the VID and PID of the device to the device rules?

It’s also possible to use the Horizon’s serial port redirection when the usb-to-serial adapter is recognized by IGEL OS.

I have the global switch enabled, with automatic splitting of USB devices. I have not gone with the granular approach of adding VID and PID, but it is something that I can add.

I also added class rules to allow for HID devices as that is the device type.

I think you better leave the automatic split off and add the VID/PID. Because you want to redirect the usb-to-serial and not the HID part.

Understood. I’ll make that change and test

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