How to view devices that have multiple workstation IGEL licenses assigned to them?

Hello All; Is there a view or some other way to see devices that have multiple workstation licenses assigned to them?

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Do you mean a device has 2x workspace edition licenses assigned? Or like 1 WE license and 1 EMP license?

As far as I know devices cant really have two WE licenses assigned. If the UMS knows about the previous license, it will reassign the same license if that device gets reimaged. License assignment is based on unit ID which is the active MAC address at the time of registration.

If you suspect you somehow have two licenses tied to one machine, you could search that device’s MAC address in the IGEL License Portal and see what comes up.

You can export a list of your devices from the Licence Portal as CSV and compare the lists using Excel to see, if a device is in more than one CSV file. We had one case, where a device got two WE licenses but I think this was due to manual licensing we did for a few devices.

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