How to view if IGEL OS 10 was purchased with a MMCP license?

Hi, one of my customers bought his “old” UD3’s with OS10 and without MMCP. On my advise he bought those licenses later. During the time he bought new OS10 UD3’er and those he bought with MMCP. Can I see the difference which OS10 device is bought directely with MMCP and which got the MMCP from the external license? (I don’t know how to descripe this better).

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Hi, I think I got your point… Well, did the MMCP licenses that were bought earlier, were imported into the Igel License Portal? Thta could be one idea. The other, to export a view with all details like SNR, and ask your local Igel Sales Rep. to check it against our CRM.

Yes, the licenses bought later came as an token. I am affraid we (my customer and I) made an export of all OS10 devices and imported the list into the license and now some of the devices that were bought are also in the list for getting a license while this is not necessary. Some OS10 devices who should got the license do not recieve it

Ok, then, I would say the easiest way would be to check the orders in our internal SAP/CRM.

Thanks, will do that after my Holidays. Good to know there is a way to check this. 👍

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