How to view usable storage & available storage on an IGEL OS device?

Question – Is there a way to display the about of usable storage & available storage on an IGEL OS device (like how Task Manager provides CPU and Memory information)? Also is it possible to add additional Metadata items for IGEL OS devices so they can show up in the “Select Column” when saving a View?

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Hi! Not sure to get you right, so I will try to sumup how I got it:

1) what do you mean by user able storage? You mean space that you could use to store files as an administrator or local user?

2) do you want to see if there is space left in this partitions or in general on the disk?

3) yes, that would be something is achievable by adding attributes:

The link you provided I get a 404 error not found . Do I need to be logged in to the IGEL website and use the link on the knowledge base site?


Thanks Carl, was a copy/paste mistipping.

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