How tomake my own bootable usb media from IGEL OS firmware files?

Is there documentation anywhere to make my own bootable usb media from firmware files? I would like to be able to install the newest version on devices and there isn’t always a timely release of the udc files.

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You couldn‘t create an ISO based on firmware update files unfortunately; here we have for the OS Creator / UDC2Stick versions…

But, and if it‘s mandantory, you could create s.c. dd images from an already updated device and roll it then out by starting a small linux boot stick. IMHO, it‘s too much effort, honestly🥺

That’s my end goal is to get the dd image. But I need a clean install of the new version on a VM before i capture it 🙂 The UDC bootable usb has been the easiest way for me to install the OS and shut it down before any settings are applied. So pretty much my only option is to be patient for the install files to be published since the upgrade ones wont work?

Because if i upgrade an existing image and then capture that, it will have duplicate unit IDs 🙂

Will send you the commands in a few hours when arriving at hotel.

I have the command to wipe the unit ID already 🙂

Here we go:

Feel free to use it, it may sounds a little bit complicated but it works!

Creating dd-image (DiskDump)

Boot up a running device in the rescue shell mode by keep pressing [ESC] after switching on the device and enter the following commands to create a “master-image”. I assume that you have a separate USB drive to store the image.

mkdir /tmp/data

mount /dev/sdb1 /tmp/data

dd if=/dev/sda bs=1M of=/tmp/data/Master.dd


umount /tmp/data

— turn off the device —

Restore dd-image

Boot up the device with the corrupt OS from USB device (e.g. Ubuntu), run a terminal session and enter the following command.

mkdir /tmp/data

sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /tmp/data

sudo dd if=/tmp/data/Master.dd bs=1M of=/dev/sda


sudo umount /tmp/data

— now reboot the device and remove the USB drive —

You only need to use “sudo” if you are using Ubuntu for recovery.

I am pretty much doing all that currently to create my .img file and have it automated using sccm but I am using clean install of the UDC. Takes me about 30 min start to finish including updated all task sequences 🙂 I just need to wait for the most recent version of the UDC to be published. I guess if i need a new udc asap i could install old version, upgrade, wipe the unit ID and then capture that.

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