How toplayback DVD’s on IGEL OS?

Hi, i wonder if there is a possibility to playback DVD’s on IGEL OS? Some training video’s are on DVD and it would be handy if the local Totem media player would be able to view them. We receive an error “Not authorized to perform operation”. Is this a known limitation due to licensing? 90% of the time an RDP connection is used. For YouTube playback the local Browser is used. If we could use the media player to view DVD’s this would be very handy.

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Hi! You mean DVD Copy protected like movies or self burnt ones?

On 1) with a specific Custom Partition like VLC, yes

2) yes, if your device has a Codec Pack (MMCP) and the codec of your movies is compatible with ours:

Hi Sebastien, yes i mean commercial (copy protected) DVD’s . Locally played on the IGEL OS. I think option one is the best way to go. Can i use a CP with VLC on an IGEL UD Pocket?

Yes! Definitely! The VLC CP can be asked at our support, that should be enough.

ok, thanks!

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