how we can change the ums last known ip in admin settings?

Can you change the port used for ICG from the ICG side without running the installer? I would like to be able to quickly change the port for troubleshooting purposes but do not want to leave it on a common port.

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The only officially supported 2 are 8443 and 443 today, and you have to unisntall / reinstall to change it.

UMS has to drop it and reconnect, because it tries to connect over the original port used and won’t switch

Thanks – I wish we could toggle the port at will – but this did confirm that my issue adding ICG is due to our Palo Alto firewall doing extra stuff on non standard ports – even though you can ping, telnet etc etc and everything says it is open.

It treats 443 differently – as a standard port in it’s parlance – and it worked instantly. Non-standard ports it does some funky stuff.

Now to find how to wade through the firewall with our security guy.

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