HP thin clients become bricked after updating to IGEL OS

Hey team, new guy here, so apologies if I don’t follow any set guidelines on posting. I have an issue with firmware updates on the UD Pockets. I’ve had three different HP thin clients become bricked after updating the firmware version from to 10.05.500.01. This seems to happen after restarting once the Boot code has been successfully updated. HP forums have verified that this is a hardware issue with their devices, but I was curious to know if anyone else had experienced this. Thanks.

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Hey Ethan,

no worry, you are in the right channel and we are here to help!

Well, I had this a few times, yes… What I did:

took a UDP and plugged in a fatclient and updated it to 10.06.130. There is a „fix“ for:

### Hardware

Fixed EFI freeze problem after bootcode update on devices like the HP t630 and

probably others too.

replug it on a HP Thinclient and see if that works

if yes:

try to upgrade another 10.04 HP TC to 10.06.130

Awesome! I’ll try this. Thanks for the quick response.

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