HTML5 redirection on IGEL OS 11.05.100 with Zoom plugin?

I read the notes from 11.5.100, so I’m guessing this is a no, but has the issue with HTML5 redirection being turned on at the same time as the Zoom plugin resolved? (We are a Horizon Shop)

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when you use Horizon with Zoom, you cannot activate HTML5 MMR, this is a known exception

I understand that it is a known thing just wasent sure if it had been resolved in 11.5.100

thats not an error, so I dont think it can be resolved

you can not use the same technology at the same time for two different things

I understand not at the same time. Like you cant launch teams and zoom and expect it to work. I’m saying that in many companies you may be using more than one video conferencing app, so a user may need to do a zoom meeting today and a teams meeting tomorrow. So having the optimization for both and having them both checked would be necessary. Hope that clears that up.

Would be nice if it could be fixed somehow. I think it works with windows, but not linux. Its been a bit since I’ve tested that though

the case is here anonther one – MMR is for browser redirection while Zoom VDI plugin is for App redirection with RTAV

We currently have to use RTAV for our Google Meet purposes, which works most of the time. I wish Google would come out with some kind of plugin. But we are working on getting users to move more towards published apps on the IGEL/Custom partitions. However Google put a road block in that when they don’t have context aware access enabled in linux machines

I understand, at this time however we dont have a microsoft teams plugin so using HTML5 redirection is the best case scenario. TLDR of the situation is we don’t know which video conferencing product our employees will use day to day as they may work with many different companies and they use different products. (such as my example of doing a Zoom call one day and then a Microsoft Teams meeting the next)

My findings are that the Zoom VDI version which is used in 11.05 should cooperate with html5mmr.

Have also seen it working the same time.

But I found it has another quirk, but this is not so relevant for normal use: When the TCSetup is running while you start the Horizon remote session the Zoom VDI virtual channel crashes and aborts the session start. If you close the TCSetup, the Session can be started again.

Does that quirk cause any issues?

It’s just the setup must not run while you start the session.

Like zoom cant be running?

No, the whole session crashes

It’s a strange thing. One explanation is, that the zoom virtual channel is looking for the Horizon window to embed itself into and while doing so it’s utterly unprepared to find also the Java based setup app running and does something that causes a segfault.

This what you could interpret by looking at the backtrace, could be wrong.

So what you are saying is if you did a zoom meeting one day, and then came in and did html5mmr the next and then you logged in with a fresh session the day after it would crash?


I guess im confused on what situation causes the crash.

This is a behavior of the Zoom VDI plugin.

In case the IGEL Setup utility is running at the same time when you connect the Horizon session the crash occurs.

OKAY, I now understand


Could you try it and give us your outcome?

Will do. I will let you know next week. 🙂

About html5mmr: The problem to with Zoom VDI was with the last version of Zoom VDI. With the very new version this particular incompatibility seems to have vanished.

But as I said, now we have the new quirk.

Thanks for investigating this! 🙂


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