HTML5 redirection working on IGEL OS

Anyone have issues or luck with getting HTML5 redirection working on IGEL? I have the GPOs for the Agent set and the Profile set in IGEL and a chrome browser extension installed

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Citrix / VMware Horizon?

GPO, Agent and chrome extension, sounds like Horizon, or?

Yes VMware Horizon view, Sorry

You switched vmware.view.html5mmr on in IGEL Registry?

Yes I did

Have it working with Youtube here. But Im a little underwelmed. Its kind of clumsy. Every time you hover over it, it has to adjust the area of the local and remote part and this takes to long for my taste.

I think just anythign that can improve experience a little will help. Not many of our users watch videos but when they do its an issue

we also found that html5mmr and zoom vdi support cannot be switched on in the same session. There’re some incompatibilties with the overlay libs.

So you tried with youtube or vimeo. As far as I know there are no other sites which can be used?

But what about the extensions, do also have h264fy installed, because google/yt nowadays has moved on and doesn’t serve you H264 content if can avoid it but vp9 or avc1. With h264fy you get the h264 versions (but only up to full hd, no 4k for you, h264 users !)

I do have the Zoom VDI plugin enabled, so I’ll try that first

Thanks for the insight! I’ll see what I can find

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