I am trying to get the internal speakers to work on a wyse 5470 AIO with os 12.

I am trying to get the internal speakers to work on a wyse 5470 AIO with os 12. they do not show up in the audio settings. not sure what to do…

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Capture the logs and see what they say…


Then search for audio as noted here


Then open a ticket with the logs with IGEL support.

Try setting the IGEL registry key to 1 or 8 (rebooting after changing)

Dell / Intel do some strange things on AIO devices that require changes to the driver configu.


Found similar item last month…


thanks for your input. I am trying the registry change, but nonthing yet. anyway to check the registry on the client

Just double-click the device in UMS and navigate to the registry key, or do the same in the local setup application

That registry change did not work for me. I have created a case with a data dump

It seems to work after I use force enable under snd_hda_intel.enable

That may be what’s required then, honestly Dell hardware isn’t certified so it’s not run by IGEL development. If you have an option, I would look at IGEL Ready devices.

@member – Thank you for testing the Dell 5470 for those of us still running them on IGEL 11.x. Please let us know what IGEL Support comes up with! Also…have you tried to adjust the display brightness yet in 12?

We also found Registry fixes the issues, regardless of OS 11 or 12. We thankfully are moving away from Dell laptops and going with HP and LG Mobile Thin Clients

@member I just tested, and the brightness controls do not work. I noticed another conversation you had about some sort of BacklightF3F4 fix. if you have that, let me know

See: igelcommunity.slack.com/archives/CH12CMKC5/p1686580185525659?thread_ts=1683119694.480639&cid=CH12CMKC5

today I learned profiles are just xml files.

thanks for you help @member

And it’s a good practice to manually Export all of your profiles into a ZIP file in case you need to recover it. I do it monthly, and it’s saved me a couple of times!

does a scheduled db backup take care of that? or you have a separate process just for profiles?

It does

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