I can’t edit the OBS Routing for IGEL UMS

Hello everyone, I have a problem. I can’t edit the OBS Routing. IGEL get the updates from wrong IP.

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This field in the UMS Web App is only to display the values, there is not possibility to change it.

If the values are wrong, check the server settings with the UMS Console (Java).

I know it is UMS Web App. I didn’t find the OBS Routing in console.

The OBS Routing Information only displays the IP and Port of the UMS Server which can be found in the Console under UMS Administration – UMS Network – Servers

I installed a new server to migrate the UMS 6 to UMS12. Now when i want to update the client. The client get the updates from the old server. I wanted to change the Server ip but I can’t. als known last IP is the old server.

So you have now two Servers with two databases?

yes but I delete the old one. now I have just the new server.

anyhow the Clients try to get the updates from old server.

What Igel OS Version are you Clients?

Did you already move the clients to the new UMS?

the old thinclients have the OS 11.8.360 and the new test clients have the OS 12.

Yes all the clients are already in new UMS.

Can you manage the devices or what do you mean with they try get updates from the old server?

I can restart the device via UMS Server but i can’t update.

I can’t register a OS 12 device in UMS also.

This are two topics, did you assign new FW to the devices you cannot update?

Check if the old/wrong IP is hard coded in dbsetup_options.properties (in RemoteManagerrmguiserverconf). Change the IP in the config file and restarted the services.

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