I have some trouble to activate the SQL Database on UMS.

Hi Guys, i have some trouble to activate the SQL Database UMS 12.01.140. When I like to activate it with the DB type “SQL Server AD Native”, I will get this failure message. I followed this KB article and i guess, i configured it correct. kb.igel.com/endpointmgmt-12.01/en/connecting-the-ums-to-an-sql-server-via-active-directory-77864476.html. My Database expert told me, the login with the dedicated service account was successfully. Maybe you can help me?

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Hey @member – first off, are you working on UMS 6.10.140, or UMS 12.01.110? As there isn’t a UMS 12.01.140 to my knowledge 🙂

From the error, it looks like a schema name wasn’t defined… Is this a new UMS install by any chance?

Maybe these KB articles might help?



sorry i mixed it. I mean UMS 12.02.100. Schema name DBO is defined like described in this KB kb.igel.com/endpointmgmt-12.01/en/setting-up-the-ums-for-sql-server-ad-native-77864506.html

This is a new installation. When i remember me right back to UMS6 and OS11. The schema was created by activation of the Database by UMS administrator

cool – thanks for confirming… if your DB expert says the login is happening, then ports/communication/account side should all be okay?

Maybe get a case logged with support and we’ll be able to take a look at some log files?

Yes, out of this perspective should be everything fine. I found no KB, which describe howto create a schema

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