I need to run a command on reboot, or by pressing of the power button

Hi All,

I need to run a command on reboot, or by pressing of the power button on the front of the unit – How might one accomplish this?

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(There is a request to perform a pnlogoff -l upon either of these actions…)

kb.igel.com/igelos-11.08.330/en/custom-commands-88022068.html kb.igel.com/igelos-11.08.330/en/custom-commands-88022068.html

Thanks, @member – We have been successful using simply, ‘logoff’ at the end of a Citrix session, however this does not satisfy the request at hand.

Effectively, if the system is going down, whether via GUI interaction, or pressing of the power button on the iGEL, the graceful logoff command needs to be sent to Citrix, ostensibly via pnlogoff -l

I have considered making a custom command that runs pnlogoff then reboot, and replacing the reboot buttons throughout our GUI with this. Unfortunately that does not accommodate the power button piece…. 😕

In essence you want to send a logoff command on disconnect, as this is what happens when you simply shut down the machine. The disconnect event might happen for various reasons: no network connection, power button held for 4 seconds, etc. In all those cases the thinclient will be unable to control the session. Therefore I would suggest you look into auto-logoff for the Citrix sessions, which is server controlled and would not rely on the thinclient. The should be Citrix policies you can set to enable auto logoff.

Alternatively, check “post session commands” in Firmware Customization > Custom Commands > Post Session. There you can specify “pnlogoff -l” for “Enter custom command here” Did not test or use this myself yet.

@member – Thank you for your reply.

Unfortunately, we do not have the luxury of modifying anything outside of the iGEL itself.

So far, we have successfully re-mapped the power button on the UD3 60 to perform the pnlogoff -l command, reliably.

However, we have not quite yet been able to combine that command with say, ‘logoff,’ via these three known methods:

pnlogoff -l; logoff

pnlogoff -l && logoff

pnlogoff -l || logoff

We’ve also tried several variations of the above, using a trailing semi-colon, double quotes, single quotes

In fact, curiously, if we _do_ map logoff to the power button, we’re then presented with 3-4 security/elevation prompts, requesting root password?! Can’t seem to inject sudo, either…. 😕

We have admittedly been using the second command of logoff so as to not have to wait for the reboot 😄

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