I setup my UD Pocket on one device and plugged it into another device and it reset to the “Startup Assistance” screen

Hi there, everytime I setup my UD Pocket via VMware, shutdown, unplug the UD Pocket and connect it to my lenovo x230 test laptop it resets complete to “startup assistance”. but why? why the ud pocket does not keep my pre config??

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Hi Gideon, how did you setup the UDP? Locally, via Ums, ICG? When you say via Vmware, inside of the client? I would rather use a profile.

hi ! i pass through the ud pocket in my vmware workstation 16, connect it with my virtual firewall which is remotley connected with my office net and the UMS. then i config the ud pocket via UMS. this all works great.

but when i shutdown the vmware, disconnect the ud pocket of my PC and switch with it to another hardware, it resets completly.

Can you provide a Screenshot of your UDP inside the UMS? with all Asset infos?

yes one moment

so did a test, when i disconnect the network connect inside the VM, UD Pocket boots up correctly with all settings i pushed before.

A dumb question maybe, but your asset infos are stating 10Mbits which may show a general issue.

Could you check also, if the UD Pocket has correct time set?

On the endpoint, Virtual UD Pocket, could open a local terminal and issue a:

journalctl -f | grep igelrm_agent

as root

Send then the config via UMS, and check if some errors are shown?

after first fail of a new pocket now i get these erros when i try to apply profiles

Your construct isn‘t properly spoken, supported but since Firmware customizations and the Feature set install is complaining, would you mind to check what I sent before?

Can you also please:

probeport IpOfYourUMS 30001



from the endpoint?

Can you

telnet IpOfYourEndpoint 30005


of course! i’ll check it later

Jan 15 20:53:45 ITC000C29AD02B0 igelrm_agent[10180]: Executing local command: show_message (server=

Jan 15 20:53:46 ITC000C29AD02B0 igelrm_agent[10180]: Local command: show_message: SUCCESS [return_value=0][response=OK]

root@ITC000C29AD02B0:~# probeport 30001

Connection successful

root@ITC000C29AD02B0:~# ums_available


root@ITC000C29AD02B0:~# ,

telnet is not working from endpoitn

so everytime it works in vmware, i unplug it, boot it up at real hardware, it rests. after this the setup shows me this

I meant telnet from UMS Server to your endpoint, sorry, that wasn’t clear…

I know it sounds weird, but in your Screenshot where you have shown your asset infos, it states UC1, and the icon shows a Thinclient.

Usually, when you boot an UD Pocket, it should show UC5-LX and show a UD Pocket Logo.

Are you sure that the VM doesn’t hold an Igel OS Installation, that is booted instead of the UDP?

Oh man… Thank you for the hint! I saw this too, but couldn’t realize why. Now i think i know the Problem:

I booted up the UD Pocket in VMWARE as HARDDISK Pass Through, NOT as USB boot up! Don’t know why I did this, maybe thought it would work better.

So i think, as I boot up the UD Pocket as harddisk, IGEL UMS recognize it as UC1! now with USB Boot in vmware UMS recognize it correctly as UC5-LX.

now it boots after disconnect correctly on other hardware. The last thing is, how can i store my OpenVPN Connection (shows on desktop) on the ud pocket, that i can use it without an ums connection? when i boot it up after preconfig on a computer without UMS connection, no applications are shown. i think its a problem with licensing, because the MAC Address and so the network name is changing

but at the ud pocket the mac address shoudl irrelevant, or not?

Cool! Glad that it worked!!

The UD Pocket is licensed on his own UnitID (kind of Serial number), the MacAddress is irrelevant, right.

If no Sessions are shown (beside Terminal) it comes to 99% from a missing license.

Do you have a Workspace Edition license to assign?

yes it shows in vmware also correctly. only after unplug and connect to antoher hardware it shows licensing error.

Since the device is still showing up as a Thinclient and not a UDP, I’m suspecting that the device still receives a Macaddress based license.

So, I would create a Lic file based on the unit ID shown in the about window when you boot it properly on a real hardware.

Then deploy the lic file via licence, locally by using a USB Stick:

kb.igel.com/igelos-11.04/en/licensing-32871353.html kb.igel.com/igelos-11.04/en/licensing-32871353.html

kb.igel.com/igelos-11.04/en/licensing-32871353.html kb.igel.com/igelos-11.04/en/licensing-32871353.html

Enable hotplug storage: kb.igel.com/igelos-11.04/en/storage-hotplug-32871494.html kb.igel.com/igelos-11.04/en/storage-hotplug-32871494.html

Is there a way maybe to get an Igel Cloud Gateway in place? That would make the things a way easier😌

yep i got the same thought right now. saw in the igel license center it was the wrong license type.

actually we are at the beginnig of testing and deploying with igel, i think in 2021 there wont be IGEL CLoud Gateway at my customer. but I#ll check if it will be an option for 2022 🙂 also for my time consumption… 😄

thank you very much! i made a huge step in that short time with your support!

Happy to help Gideon, now: enjoy your weekend☺️

you too! 🙂

alright last thing: it looks like, my actions did override the Unit IDs of the pockets. on my 2 pockets i used are now the same Unit ID (the mac address). reset does not help. can i recreate the UD Pocket with a new Unit ID on myself?

You can add recreate the unit id by booting it on a proper HW:

Ctrl alt s

Accessories, Terminal, +

Start Terminal

Login as root (password is your local Administrator Password)

get_unit_id -f


man thank you very very much. i recreated the unit id with get_unit_id -i !

now we are correctly in it! 🙂 i do not regret it to choose Igel! 😄 perfect!


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