I updated my devices to 11.08.290 but screens go black for a second.

“`hello, I updated my thins to version 290 but afterwards, users who have two screens have problems the screens go black for a few seconds“`

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Can you retest it with 11.08.330

i have done it and i have the same probleme but when i downgrade to 230 everything is good

Hey Desire…

I think this is the main thread around this issue: igelcommunity.slack.com/archives/C8GP9JHQE/p1676385155993499?thread_ts=1666687309.263199&channel=C8GP9JHQE&message_ts=1676385155.993499

Any chance to try these options and retest?

Hey guys, I had the same problem several months ago, the changes to gconf did it. sytem.kernel.bootparams.max_cstate to 4* and set x.drivers.intel.use_modesetting* to false

thank you but were I can foun gconf?

@member If you are using UMS profiles to configure (or even the local IGEL Setup tool on endpoint – for testing), this would be found in “Registry” (or System–>Registry).

Then navigate to `”system -> kernel -> bootparams -> max_cstate”` and select `”*4*”` to set the first option above.

Repeat same for the second option.

Did you find them?


You are almost there. Start here for the first setting.


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