Ideas for scailing IGEL deployment from 10k to 65k plus IGEL OS devices

Does anyone have experience with hosting IGEL firmwares on servers other than the UMS server(s)? We are a large organization with roughly 180 facilities all over the U.S. Currently we are only at 10,000 IGEL endpoints, however the end-goal is ~65,000. We have been doing deployments of anywhere from 100-500 and when the devices are pulling the firmware from the central UMS servers it brings the updates to a crawl. We really do not want to do the “Buddy” update system and would prefer to host the firmware(s) on a local server at the facility and have the endpoints pull from there. We are able to make a “single” firmware available this way using a mixture of a profile, template keys, and variables. Unfortunately in this configuration you cannot host multiple firmwares. Such as you cannot have an a IGEL OS converted firmware (for converted PC’s) alongside an IGEL LX firmware (for the IGEL UD2/3 devices). So I am just trying to figure out if anyone has experience with this? If so, I would LOVE to pick your brain. Thank you so very much for any responses.

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From what I am gathering from your message; you are still running OS10. Is that correct?

Yes @member it’s actually pretty straight forward. You simply store the uncompressed firmware version on FTP/SFTP/FTPS/HTTP/HTTPS server and create a profile to point to the directory hosting the firmware. As long as the server has enough bandwidth and processing power it works very well. 🙂

Just in addition, and assuming your are on OS10 like David suggested (the reason: since OS11, there is no difference anymore about UDC / UDP / LX Devices Firmwares), you could combine your site server defined as Firmware Update server, and use a powerful toolset like this:

Views + Admin Tasks

Let me explain.

Views: you can create Views to match OS LX or OS, combined with the Firmware version you want to upgrade. There you have now all devices listed; if you want you could combine this criterias with the folder where the devices are sorted in, then you would it combined with your sites.

Admin Tasks: assign profiles to a view. Now the magic happens. You could assign automatically the Buddy master or slave or FTP Server profiles you created, to the result of your views to get everything highly automated.

Does that help a bit?

I guess this thread could give you some ideas too:

We are using two FTP-Servers behind a Load Balancer for a few years now and it runs without problems. The FTP-servers and the UMS Server are part of a Windows Domain and I wrote a small AutoIt-Script with copies the donwloaded Firmware from the UMS server to both FTP servers and also over SSH to a Linux Webserver for our Homeoffice Thinclients (as they cannot reach our intern FTP). We have different profiles for the FW update in our LAN and from home that point to the FTP or HTTP server accordingly.

I just wanted to comment on having 65,000 potential endpoints. I’m impressed 🙂

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