Ideas on IGEL UMS-per-site approach for managing IGEL OS clients over single UMS + ICG?

Has anybody here tried a UMS-per-site approach for managing clients over single UMS+ICG? I’m currently developing an application that would let local elevated users (supervisors) to control a bunch of IGEL kiosks (think remote shutdown/restart/send message) on-site via the UMS IMI; I’m thinking of local UMSes per site instead of ICG because if the ICG goes down the supervisors will still need to be able to control the IGELs (whereas if the local UMS is unreachable from client IGELs there are bigger problems to worry about). Syncing profiles (at least during initial setup) would be an issue though.

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Not sure to get your situation right… Can you maybe provide a short Network Plan? Usually, when Devices are on a LAN or VLAN having a local UMS Console with a decentralized UMS shouldn‘t be an issue. When speaking about Access rights, I would give this users a Remote Console with JAVARE (HTML5 in a near future) or installed on Citrix and shrink their rights with a ACL

of course IMI would help either!

Sorry for the late reply @member – basically I have two sites that has igel PCs, and the UMS can either be on site or in the cloud

The managers of each site will be able to control the IGELs on their respective sites (while I can control the IGELs from all sites), however if the VPN link between the site and our central server breaks, the site managers need to retain control over the IGELs on their sites

Ok! Got it! I don‘t want to sell you stuff you wouldn‘t need but I guess ICG outside of your VPN Communication would fit better I guess, at least for the uninterrupted administration even if VPN fails!

The only issue you would have: the UMS Console, since I don‘t believe that UMS Console through ICG is already integrated, OR, and that would make more sense: the HTML5 Console which is planned in a near future! I hope you can follow my thoughts…

I’m talking about cases where the cloud server goes down; I’m also using the site-to-site VPN for other things so I’m not too bothered about it

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