IGEL deployment and config recommendations for large IGEL deployment?

Hi, I am looking to set up Igel in my enterprise environment ( about 10,000 users ) and wanted to see if anyone has some pointers on how to set this up as a general strategy and what you have used to really make things easy from a management perspective.

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I have looked into Buddy Updates and the Igel HA set up but I am sure there are some more clever ideas out there I am overlooking at this stage.

Hi @member, sounds like a fun project you have on your hands! Without a lot of background information it’s hard to make specific recommendations. You probably don’t need to worry about HA out of the gate and in my opinion buddy update makes sense in some environments (I.e. retail and smaller remote offices), but may not be the right fit for other environments.

A few questions that would help us understand a little more:

1. What industry is your company in?

2. Do you have a need for remote or home offices users?

3. What technologies do you use to deliver desktops and applications?

What type of devices would IGEL be replacing?

Melissa, think it’s also a good idea to have a look at our guides, too


Hi Melissa,

you should definitely contact your IGEL Sales contact in your region.

We could setup a meeting with our PreSales engineers to design your UMS infrastructure.

I will write you a pm to find your local sales contact.

Hi @member If you want to play around I would add:

Wake on Lan Proxy: kb.igel.com/endpointmgmt-5.09/en/deploying-a-wake-on-lan-proxy-for-distributed-environments-4253234.html

Template Keys: kb.igel.com/endpointmgmt-5.08/en/template-profiles-910446.html

Importing AD Users to UMS: kb.igel.com/endpointmgmt-5.09/en/importing-active-directory-users-4253098.html

Secure VNC: kb.igel.com/endpointmgmt-5.08/en/secure-shadowing-vnc-with-ssl-tls-910578.html

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