IGEL devices are making a connection to AWS when conneting to Citrix XenDesktop via Firefox, can we block this?

Hello, in our configuration we have switched on the appliance mode for Citrix XenDesktop. Our local storefront address is stored. We noticed, as soon as we activated this, every Igel connects to the Amazon AWS again and again. If it can be prevented that the Igel establish this connection, after all they also cause traffic and it is not necessary to establish a connection outside the LAN.

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Hello Stefan, what is meant by connecting to AWS ? Citrix? If yes, can you forward a screenshot of your Citrix profile?

You start your Xen Desktop through a plugin of the browser. So it sounds the traffic you see is like firefox getting it’s stuff. You know fresh block lists, the unavoidable webrtc codec.Well you get it from the cloud.

It is not the Xen who connect to the AWS, it is the Igel. It seems to be the Firefox (like Update). Yes we can block this in the network, but the igel should not talk to AWS. Our Infrastrcture is local. We do not have any cloud services. Can i disable the connection to AWS?

Here is an screenshot of the Firewall Log. That is the Conecction of one Igel in one Hour.

Firefox is tennacious and insting. Tries again. For the sake of security of course;)

But you can give it a proxy, it can’t refuse.

Or you can claim to have one:

E.g. in Browser Global > Proxy put a system-wide proxy and add a system proxy for HTTP and SSL

(though no one is listening here)

and add your local network(s) or machines to

No Proxy for:

localhost,, mydomain.local

So the Browser will always fail to make connections except for your local network.

But I’m not sure if XenDesktop is getting the proxy and no-proxy, too.

Thanks for this idea.

@member in addition to the awesome suggestion of @member, I searched a bit on internet and found this great article:


So, assuming that it covers the AWS Connections you found, you could enter this settings in a profile under:

Sessions=>Browser=>Browser Global=>Advanced=>Custom Preferences

At the moment, I‘m not sure that it also apply to the firefox in appliance mode but it‘s worst a try if the proxy solution doesn‘t work.

Keep my fingers crossed!

Here an attempt to implement the above mentioned article into a UMS-profile with custom preferences.

It will always be incomplete. Can’t catch’em all.

It’s not recommended to use when actually connected to the internet, because some of Firefox’ safety features are switched off.

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