IGEL devices on locally connected Dymo label printer

hey folks I’ve got a client on IGEL devices, using a locally connected dymo label printer, redirect works in Citrix just fine and they can edit there printer settings and all that good stuff. However, when they use another companies RDP environment from igel they cant edit any of the printer settings via TS. The other company is pushing back saying the settings need to be changed via IGEL but they do this in citrix just fine. anyone seen this issue before?

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Hey Paul, well, are you saying that the Printer is redirected through USB Redirection? That wouldn’t fit in a best practice, even if it may work.

no its not usb redirection sorry. the printer is configured as a cups printer in igel

we have the driver in both our citrix environment and in that companies RDP environment. and the CUPS printer has the custom windows driver name set to it. We know it works because its the only way to get it to work in igel to citrix but it wont let us adjust anything in igel to rdp

I believe this is default, but just to confirm that this is set on the IGEL side for RDP?


Just curious, if you connect the Dymo to a Windows PC, then connects to RDP, does that allow you to configure the device?

Have you tried it via RDP on a Windows endpoint and checking the option for redirecting local printers? Might be worth a shot to see which direction to troublshoot next

hes trying now at least from igel->citrix->rdp

to see if the same problem might crop up since its technically similar -1 layer of redirection haha

And you do have the Dymo windows driver installed on the RDP desktop?

… Sorry, I see above you do have.

So gets the printer created on the RDP desktop and but doesn’t print or is it not created at all?

Hey Paul, I am actually not sure if this is something that is supported by RDP. The double-hop, especially with two different technologies has many challenges.

Are you able to connect the RDP session directly to the IGEL device and see if the printer shows up on the single-hop to RDP?

it actualyl works perfectly from the double hop because it infers the citrix saved printer settings. But Neither from igel or from Windows via citrix can the printers settings be saved

Turns out the other company didnt disable easyprint correctly. so after we did that we could make changes BUT nothign but orientation change saves

From the IGEL perspective, you are using a generic driver, which probably doesn’t have the settings known to it. From the RDP side it may not be saving as it is part of the user profile or something like that.

when you choose paper type like normal, custom, etc. and configure the paper type the settings just dissapear

im thinking its rdp not igel at this point but i told the other company id at least ask

it honestly just orientation and paper settings so ugh

it lets me change but once you hit ok it and close the properties out it reverts so fun and the printer doesnt show up as created in print management either

Yea, if it shows up in the first hop correctly then after that IGEL is out of the picture

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