IGEL HA configuration / install question

For an HA configuration where you install the load balancing component of UMS, do you need to do anything out of the ordinary when uploading files and such if you’re using a VIP on the front end? Also, is a separate FTP/HTTP server truly necessary for firmware updates? Is there any documentation for setting this up?

I would recommend to Rsync/Robocopy everything in ums_filetransfer BUT:

• support info


• everything that was uploaded per Firmware Customization and Files (because it should already get replicated)

A separate FTP/HTTP Resource is best practice but not Mandatory.

I guess that’s part of my confusion. I assumed that anything uploaded into the UMS console would be replicated between both UMS servers (Firmware Customizations, Files, and Universal Firmware Updates specifically)?

One more question, @member: If one of my UMS servers is showing “Not in sync, please restart server” under UMS Licensing ID, what should I be checking? Restarting the server hasn’t resolved it.

Have seen it 1-2 times until now tbh… I solved it by backing up the licensing ID from « in sync » server and restoring this one on the « not in sync » server😅



Brilliant – that worked like a charm!

Great! Happy to help!!

one additional sentence to the topic. @member @member Nick mentioned the firmware replication between the HA servers. At the moment there is no replication between the servers but in the future, it should be implemented. I requested a FR request and it was approved.

@member: So is the solution to download the firmware in the console (while connected to the VIP) and copy the content to the other server when done, or do I need to actually launch the console on each server locally and download?

That’s why I wrote to sync the folder by yourself @member

That is already achieved when rysncing / robocopying the content of ums_filetransfer folder but you have to take of it, Universal Firmware Update are not synced automatically between UMS Server for the moment.

Okay, so download via the console and copy the contents when done. Thank you both!

Safe to assume that once the firmware has been downloaded on one UMS server and then replicated to the next that all I have to do is change the Host of the firmware in the console to use the round-robin DNS alias?

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