IGEL ICG connection Error _Could not connect to secure gateway._ and _I/O error on GET request for..

Hello – We are having issues setting up our ICG. Our UMS is in the Azure cloud, the ICG is a separate VM in Azure. We followed this installation guide using the ICG Remote Installer through the UMS.

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Everything appeared to work as indicated finishing with the “IGEL Cloud Gateway has been successfully installed.” message displayed. Shortly after, an error message appeared:

_Could not connect to secure gateway._

_I/O error on GET request for “https://a.b.c.d:8443/usg/first-authentication-ums”. Connect to a.b.c.d:8443 failed: Connection timed out._

The ICG does not show in the UMS Administration->IGEL Cloud Gateway.

It may be we have to open the IGEL management ports (checking now). Do I need to go through the installation again to straighten out the UMS? Any insights would be most welcome.

UMS -> ICG TCP 8443 available?

correct time on both?

now the ports are open…checking the time sync…

time is in sync on both

would love a UMS check the ICG again command!

kb.igel.com/igelicg-2.02/files/en/31601163/31601164/1/1530202613626/12185.png kb.igel.com/igelicg-2.02/files/en/31601163/31601164/1/1530202613626/12185.png top right corner the circle icon should do that

how do i get to that panel?

on the UMS?

UMS Administration > UMS Network > Igel Cloud Gateway

Copied that from kb.igel.com/igelicg-2.02/en/connecting-the-ums-to-the-icg-31601163.html kb.igel.com/igelicg-2.02/en/connecting-the-ums-to-the-icg-31601163.html

ah…tried it: same connection time out…

I would try to remove and reconnect that icg in the ums next, but maybe someone else has a better approach

do i need to uninstall on the ICG Linux machine or just go through the UMS installation steps again?

I suggest you wait for a maybe more precise answer from other people here, even if you might wait until the new week for it. I hope you have the time.

it’s tempting to wait as it’s friday evening here…also, tempted to just do a clean uninstall/re-install…ummm…appreciate your help – have a good weekend!

UMS & ICG appear to be connecting & talking with each other (double checked & (re)opened ports 8443,3001,30005 on ICG instance…👍

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