IGEL ICG “Error exchanging passwords”

Trying to connect a device to my old server which has been upgraded now. UMS 6.01 and ICG is still 1.02

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Right now im on a self signed cert.

Since I don’t have a public Cert a fingerprint Is supposed to be in place.

We filled in the missing fingerprint and used the one time password. Then we get an error: “Error exchanging passwords”

I made a new multiple one time password and still get the same error.

I would highly suggest to update the ICG to 1.04.110 since we did a lot of fixes… But from what I have seen on customer side (and beside the recommended update):

What Firmware are you using?

Is the ICG still connected under UMS Administration => UMS Network => Cloud Gateway?

If yes: can you please try to make a snapshot of the ICG VM, and try to a) export your actual keystore from UMS b) uninstall/Reinstall the ICG with the freshly exported Keystore

Check time concordance on Client/ICG/UMS to avoid mismatch

Create a new Mass Deployment Password

Try to open a terminal on endpoint side and issue a icg registration command like this:

icg-config -s http://youricg.server.com youricg.server.com -p 8443 -o yourmassdeploymentpassword -f yourcertfringerprintwithoutspaces

A lot of password and cert errors find their base in lack of synchronicity of time and date stamps. In my demo environments I always set-up an NTR server and take care with a special profile that every single endpoint is timestamped equally with the concerned servers.

think @member it talking about NTP 😉

Of course that was supposed to be NTP

Thick fingers are a burden.

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