IGEL ICG has never been reliable

Hello all. I recently took over our igel environment and realized that our ICG has never been reliable. We have UMS6; ICG 2.01.110; OS11 for endpoints. I was not involved during initial deployment but had a few questions. Under gateway details, the Internal and External Host IPs are the same and we have a 1:1 NAT from our external IP to the host ip of ICG. Is this an appropriate setup? or must out external IP be logged in the gateway settings?

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Hello Zach, I would have a look here:


and check especially

Host name and/or IP of the target server for the certificate

This field is more important for your question about your setup than the external IP:

Host (external): External host used by endpoint devices to connect to the ICG; only required if the devices use a separate address, not the one specified under Host.

Got it working. I modified the Certificate with both the internal and external IP. Thanks all!!

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