IGEL ICG install error: “Installation of IGEL Cloud Gateway terminated with error: Exception occured null”

I’m trying to install ICG 2.01 from the UMS console but keep getting this error. “Installation of IGEL Cloud Gateway terminated with error: Exception occured null. My sshuser account has sudo privileges and port 8443 is open between my UMS and Linux VM in the DMZ. What else could be the culprit here? Thanks in advance.

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Dumb question maybe but is port 22 for SSH, allowed also?

No dumb question, port 22 is allowed as well.

Thanks! Can you open a Winscp or similar tool and try to authenticate against your UMS and see if you are allowed to transfer the file?

I’m winscp’d into the ICG VM and created the default path to drop the bin file in.

Ok, i think I see the problem, I tried to create the path and it won’t allow me, the account i’m connected with doesn’t have proper permissions possibly. I did follow the direction on kb.igel.com kb.igel.com to give the user sudo privileges for ssh

I used usermod -aG sudo administrator

Sudo doesn‘t mean automatically that folder permissions are set accordingly, unfortunately… Is the home directory of your user writable by your user? Quickwin: allow root for SSH, and it should work!

Yes my home directory is writable, but nothing outside that is. should i change my install path to my home directory?

No, that isn‘t an option. Ok, but that‘s fine. Can you transfer the installer bin to the home directory, connect through SSH and install the ICG from command line? Just to see if that works?

following this article? kb.igel.com/igelicg-1.03/en/installing-the-icg-without-remote-installer-2271390.html

This one should be even better: kb.igel.com/igelicg-2.01/installing-the-icg-without-remote-installer-19181709.html

I’m striking out here, i can’t find the keystore.icg in the first section.

It seems my export to ICG keystore functionality is greyed out,

Which UMS version are you running on?


Is there a private key missing in your chain that needs to be imported maybe?


That might be the issue, i’m reaching out to my customer now. Thankyou

Just wanted to say Thanks Sebastien. That was the issue. I had to use OpenSSL to get the private key, decrypt it and add to the Certificate chain. I appreciate all of your help

You are welcome, happy to help!!

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