IGEL ICG on Nutantix AHV

I saw the article form dreadysblog from 2017 regarding running ICG on Nutantix AHV. Is anyone currently running ICG on Nutanix? Looking for advoce for any gotchas and if it is stable and reliable. Thank you. dreadysblog.com/2017/12/25/igel-cloud-gateway-on-nutanix-ahv/

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As long as the Linux version is supported by Nutanix for its hypervisor — you are good to go.

That article is a little dated – nowadays we would recommend the ICG standalone installer which will get you up to the latest version, 2.01.110. Otherwise what Ron said, pick a Linux distro that we support, Acropolis supports, and you are familiar with and you should be good to go 🙂

Have it running on Nutanix AHV for quite some time. I used CentOS as Linux distro.

Correct, I switched from the appliance to a CentOS install – however I still think IGEL should provide it as a virtual appliance.

Providing means fixed to one Linux distro customers perhaps don’t want – and it’s an effort to keep it up-to-date etc 🙂

I get your point @member, but today it’s us the customer who has to keep it updated and lots of us are no Linux geeks 😉 That’s why I always advocate for the appliance approach, not only for ICG, it would be awesome for UMS too!

Many companies have standards for Linux OS and updating / patching. For example, a simple script such as this one for Ubuntu can be used.


sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get upgrade

Yeah I know – but still thinking an appliance/container based approach would drive adoption. Just my opinion I know 😉

I get your point as well, more the P/SaaS etc. way, which makes sense as we’re transforming to that direction.

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