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Sorry if this is a stupid question … but does anyone know if there any plans to release the ICG on the windows platform in addition to Linux? My teams’ expertise is around Windows, and I’m a bit hesitant to have our team maintain servers that aren’t in our core capabilities. I understand that the thin clients are Linux based, but those are more of a closed system, nearly appliance based. The ICG appliance sounded like our kind of thing, but I understand that’s been depreciated…. The whole igel ecosystem sounds like a great solution, but this one thing is giving us pause.

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This question came up a few times but I‘m really afraid to say that: for the moment, there is no plan (at least on the roadmap) to migrate the ICG to a Windows Server based install, I know that it isn‘t a good sounding answer and I don’t want trying to get you convinced that a Linux Server better fits here.

But would it help to get your system (ICG Server hardened (adding a bit more security) and having the maintaining automated?

I mean we have a Webinar (recorded) where we explain (with commands) how to set that stuff up, planned for next week:

igelcommunity.slack.com/archives/C8JC44LSZ/p1598952991021100 igelcommunity.slack.com/archives/C8JC44LSZ/p1598952991021100

Thanks for the quick response. The best practices guide and automated maintenance certainly help. But I am still concerned about long term patching and being able to respond to security guidance. We’re an MSP working with SME’s and so Linux isn’t something that we typically deal with outside of appliances. How come IGEL moved away from the idea of an Appliance? That seems to work pretty well for a lot of other vendors we work with that use linux-based servers.

Would it help you IF there would be a docker image for the icg? (Just being curious)

Yes, I think docker would would do the trick, we could run that in a Windows VM on Vsphere. But the critical question would be: would igel re-issue new docker images as there were critical security patches and upgrades for the components? That’s the part I know my team isn’t really qualified to handle.

I looked into this a bit more and it looks like Vsphere can host Linux containers directly via “vSphere Integrated Containers”, so we wouldn’t need a Windows host at all for this. See diyvirtualization.com/2019/03/23/vsphere-integrated-containers/ The linux host is delivered as an OVA from vmware, who maintains the hardened OS. And the docker container acts just like an individual guest VM.

So now I’m excited again. Any chance of this happening?

I have no idea if Igel itself will do something like this, I guess this would have to be an Igel-Community project.

But head over to #feature-proposals and make a FR there as well

OK will do. Do you have any insight as to why igel abandoned the appliance project? Wondering if folks would have the same concerns about a container.

No idea. My guess is, that Igel has no competence (people who can do that) in that specific field.

I created this as a feature proposal, so if anyone reading this thread would find this helpful, please head over here and give it a thumbs up!


Well, from what I‘ve been told the effort we would have to keep it maintained was a way higher than the requests we received from market. On the other hand, I remember some legal stuff too, since we may get charged if the system went hacked. But thank you for bringing that topic up!

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