IGEL ICG required resources?

Any ideas folks? It’s on an Ubuntu VM with plenty of resources… far more than required for installation.

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That’s referencing the UMS server. The file is transfered to the UMS Webdav store and then over to the ICG. Is your UMS server possibly low on space?

I’d imagine 68.4GB would be sufficient. 😉

Should be, maybe the console you are using doesn’t have access to the file share. Can you upload a file through the UMS console?

It does for the firmware updates for sure. Same location as the installation binary.

How big is the ICG install bin?

162.6MB roughly

So, it’s likely a local host or Windows folder share issue?

Hey, I’ve ran into this before several times

If your on a Windows 2016-2019 VM using an LDAP account (not the original installer account), its due to the folder permissions on the WebDAV folder

If you login with the root account, it will copy the .BIN over properly into the folder. Or you can go open the permissions up on the folder (which is what I do for customer deployments).

I was finding firmware folder would be fine but the ICG wasn’t, come to find out it was a net new folder/file so the permissions went wacky again..

Thanks, I’ll check that out.

So you’re saying to login to UMS with a local admin account?

yep, give that a shot. even right clicking and running console as administrator didn’t specifically fix it, but using local admin account (that was setup during install) has/had proper permissions

i just ran into it on friday deploying a new UMS + ICG on w2016

had flipped over to LDAP to finish items (and use proper logging), and then ran into that

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