IGEL ICG: What Hardware requirements should the Linux Server have in VMware?

Hello all, i want to set up the ICG on an own Linux Server, my Question is, what Hardware requirements should the Linux Server have in VMware ?

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Hey, haven’t seen any guides that outlined the system requirements for IGC but it will be included in the OVA that’s deployed into VMware.

You are right but not in the latest version ? Or can i import the icg appliance 1.01.110.ova and then Update to the newest Version ?


The OVA is just a shell which includes the bin-installer, in that downloadable version the old 1.03.100.

Although, ICG has to be installed. My preference is to use the UMS remote installer kb.igel.com/igelicg-1.04/installing-the-igel-cloud-gateway-7121111.html

The install template is odd – OVA for v1.01.110 with VMware Tools installed and deployable per VC. The newer versions are just OVF- and VMDK-Files that have to be deployed per ESXi-Host (error when deploying per VC > maybe a problem here, don’t know) AND without VMware-Tools > why? And for the UMS remote installer to work you have first to install sudo at the ICG-VM > that’s not captured in docu I think…

regarding sudo you’re correct. I wrote our technical writers to update the KB:

apt-get install sudo (to install sudo)

adduser sshuser sudo (add sshuser to sudo group)

then change the password of the sshuser:

Passwd sshuser

thank you all 🙂

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