IGEL Licensing Explained

In this article, I will share with you the workflow of IGEL licensing and how to license your IGEL devices.

The first thing you are required to do is procure a license. This can be done by either purchasing or by downloading three free licenses from igel.com. Depending on the type of license, a free or paid license will define how you move forward. The following workflow assumes you purchased the IGEL licenses.

The license is delivered via email in the form of a Delivery Token. This Delivery Token is what you will add to the IGEL License Portal. To do this, you will need an account. You can link to the account creation wizard from the IGEL Licensing Portal’s sign-in page.

Once you log in to the IGEL License Portal, you will be challenged to add a new license. This is where you will enter the Delivery Token. Once you add your token to the IGEL License Portal, you have options. You can manually register your hardware, and the IGEL License Portal will create the license file for you to download and then upload it to the IGEL UMS. Alternatively, you can create an Automatic License Deployment (“ALD”) token that you can add to your IGEL UMS. With the ALD, the IGEL UMS will “automatically” request a license from the IGEL License Portal of any unlicensed device running the IGEL OS. The ALD method is a fully automated solution for IGEL Licensing.

You will need to license your devices before using them. By default, all features on the IGEL OS are disabled until it’s licensed. You can still boot your machine and run the Setup Wizard set up to join the UMS and download a valid license and any configurations. At this time, the device is ready to be used by a user.

If your IGEL OS devices are out of software maintenance, the IGEL OS will freeze to the most recent version of the OS as of the expiration date. If your Enterprise Management Pack subscription is expired, the assigned devices will no longer be able to take advantage of the benefits of the pack. Very straightforward.

As always, easy like pie, and we think you will love the new IGEL Licensing Portal as it is packed with great statistics for understanding how and where your licenses are used.

Evaluation Licenses

The IGEL evaluation license enables you to test all the features of the IGEL Software Suite, including the Enterprise Management Pack. It is a full license, no functionality omitted or crippled in any way.

The evaluation license enables the following features:

  • Multimedia Codec Pack
  • High Availability
  • IGEL Cloud Gateway
  • Shared Workplace
  • Asset Tracking
  • Custom Partitions

The evaluation license is valid for 90 days from the date you procure the license until the expiration of the license. If an IGEL OS evaluation license is expired and there is no other license in the system to be assigned to the device in question, then the device behaves as if no license has been installed. The base functionality stops working, and users are no longer able to connect to their applications.

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