IGEL on a VMWare session printers not showing up

I started writing on anther thread but probably figured it should be in the IGEL OS area. I’ve had issues with getting printers to work in IGEL on a VMWare session in the past. However this time I have a user with a printer that is actually in the list. . The printer still doesn’t show up in the vmware session. Am i missing something? It works with a windows machine and vmware.

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I would use a local CUPS Printer connecting as Printer Port: “LPD network printer” or Printer Port: “TCP network printer”. Then select Raw as vendor, Queue as Modell, Use Custom Windows Driver Name, Enter the exact name of the Windows driver installed on the Windows server.

Even if meant for Citrix, please check the HP 2800 Driver installation which you should install on Windows Server too:

support.citrix.com/article/CTX140208 support.citrix.com/article/CTX140208

To my understanding Nicholas is talking about VMware Horizon. In this case a printer with a local driver is usually all it needs to get redirected by using thinprint automatically (w/o any further configuration on client side).

But the agent on the remote desktop needs also to have the thinprint based printing support included.

Are we speaking about Thinprint?

No we don’t have thinprint enabled. But maybe I need to? We normally don’t need to because windows redirects

So u would do tcp even though it’s through usb?

Seems odd

Thinprint operates through another vitrual channel inside the Horizon connection. All traffic has to go through the network in the end your printjob included. Nothing unsual here

But your right the thinprint based support of the Horizon agent is optional. It has a native printing support which nowadays also the Linux client has in principle. But in IGEL OS it is not available yet. Only for the upcomming builds.

Maybe I made the wrong assumption. I got from your initial question that you are running a VMware Horizon session and want to print from it on the local OfficeJet. If this is not the case than I haven’t say anything.

Thats correct. Print from VDI Session to Local USB Printer

So sounds like thin print would be the way to go on IGEL then

For current builds it is. The thinprint part is even shipped with Horizon, so it’s effortless there. AFAIK the agent can only be equipped with either the tp based or the native printing.

But it also comes with horizon (prior to the 2006 version)

Looks like you have to have licensing an services setup for thinprint

not straightforward

Guess I see this from the client integrators perspective. What I meant to use on agent side is the setup option simply called “Virtual printing” in contrast to the other option “VMware Integrated Printing”, just looked up the official naming.

To me “Virtual printing” is using some thinprint sw internally so I called it thinprint based, but it’s not obvious from an other viewpoint. Sorry for the confusion.

No problem. So I tried doing a work around with the user and printing locally via chrome and sometimes it work and other times it was garbled mess. This was using the built in driver setup already as shown in the picture above.

I don’t know if that helps, but on paper ( aka HPLIP printer support list) it is fully supported using the cups driver which IGEL OS includes.

I ended up just making it a networked printer since we have meraki Z1s in their homes.

Sorry, i allow myself to join this discussion. We use VM Horizon (Floating Pool) too and VMware integrated printing. All our printer redirect automatically but the printer reinstall each new session login. So we can’t keep default printer.

Did you encounter this problem or find a solution ?

I couldn’t get usb printing to work reliably at all. So I just networked their printer and did that route.

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