IGEL OS 10 converted devices seem to be losing their IP addresses

We’re having a bit of an odd issue on converted devices running IGEL OS10 where the machines appear to be losing their IP addresses. Here is a message from our Network Engineer regarding the issue.

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`”I saw that the client was being authenticated by the MAC, was getting an IP address, but that it stopped responding to EPM device tracking after 69 seconds and the IP address was revoked from the switch side and the ACL defaulted on the switch port to the authentication ACL that will block all but DNS and DHCP traffic”`

We have ISE and SCEP certs are not currently working from our internal MSCA so it is using MAB (MAC Address Bypass).

Our TCs reboot at 3am every morning and many of the machines are not able to connect to the network when staff come in between 7am and 8:30am. Restarting the TC usually “resolves” the issue for them.

Are some of them on 10.06.130? you could try to enter a final network command like

sleep 10

and see if the network daemon reacts then.

no, we don’t have that IP at any of our locations. I can try the sleep command though

I meant the firmware version🙈

OMG! Did I really say that? Lack of sleep I guess. That isn’t even an IP. #embarassed

hmm, looks like they are still on 10.05.800. Didn’t realize we were so far behind on firmware updates. I will work on getting them updated and see if that helps any.

So after a reboot, they are no longer able to grab an IP address? I’m not sure how similar the incidents are, however, after deploying SD-Wan at a remote location as our IGEL’s rebooted or lost network connectivity, they could no longer grab and IP. We had to deploy a profile to adjust the MTU setting. These IGEL’s are on 10.05.500.01.

thanks. I will check with our Network Engineer and see what he thinks on that.

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