IGEL OS 10 vs IGEL OS 11 boot times much slower?

Hello There ๐Ÿ™‚ Someone seeing issues in Boottime V10 vs. V11? V11 seems much slower on compareable Configuration and same Hardware?

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Hello, it was reported in some cases but only on โ€žolderโ€œ Hardware. On UD3 LX51/60 it shouldnโ€˜t make a huge difference hopefully.

From another Thread:

Which Generation UD2 are you using (ID) and which Firmware are you using atm.?

In a first way you could check where the boot time is getting lost: Bios, Bootsplash, Desktop, Network, Session starts. You could disable unneeded features:

_https://kb.igel.com/igelos-11.04/en/removing-unused-features-32869843.html kb.igel.com/igelos-11.04/en/removing-unused-features-32869843.html_

Hello, seeing this on UD2-lX40, bootsplash “needs” most time, much more than V10. Then there ist a long black screen phase before desktop comes to screen. this is also much shorter on V10. Unneeded features are disabled. Have you some hints, which logfiles i should check?

Comparing with on UD2-LX 40 with 2GB Flash and 2GB RAM

The longer boot splash is likely a result of some of the security features added in OS 11

Both the encrypted read-write partitions and the signature validation for the firmware itself have a (slight) impact here.

With older and slower hardware, this is more noticeable than newer ones.

Longer black screen after the splash should not be the case. But also harder to debug.

You can try to look at the output of `systemd-analyze –user plot` (executed as user) between the systems, if somethings obvious there. (prints a .svg file to stdout, store and open with firefox)

Thx – Thats an impressive Graph , i have to look into that deeper. At first glance, there is much more output from the V11. Looks like there is much more going on in background.

Looking into the Graphs, beside that V11 has much more processes as V10, they are much slower/running longer also. Anyone more hints?

Lokking into “CTRL-ALT-F10” Screen showing Service-Timeouts: _IGEL Network Online Target Test Service_ and _IGEL Firmware Update waits for Network Online_

Just a dumb idea (even if coming up later) try to disable IPv6 and set a static IP Address just to see how it evolves.

Good Idea, i’ll give it a try

Nope, same Problem. Could this be some sort of communication problem with UMS Server after Upgrade to 11.04.100? Some major changes in UMS 06.05 i could have missed?

I believe that the Hardware itself is getting limited on newer OS Versions… The UD2 is entry level by default, and 2 generations beyond.

I know, but new hardware is expensive ๐Ÿ˜‰ anyway, just foud out, that a fresh install of 11.04.100 runs fine on the device, where the upgraded 11.04.100 don’t … maybe some old settings making trouble?

update to this: the boottimes are much slower under V11 than V10, no change here. And the stability problems ( black screen during boot ) was resolved by re-installing the devices from scratch/USB-Stick with 11.04.

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