IGEL OS 11 (11.03.530) connected to ICG but not working

Hi, are they known issues of ICG 1.04 and IGEL OS 11 (11.03.530)? I have a connection to ICG but other then restart over UMS (6.02.120) is not working. I already factory reset client. When in example I apply a profile UMS tells me applied but I see on client nothing was done. Several restarts no luck.

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Hi, yes, a few (especially the disconnect stuff). Will send you a link with a Private Build version you should update to. Same for UMS btw.

On UMS: fwu.igel.com/files/IGEL_UNIVERSAL_MANAGEMENT_SUITE/WINDOWS/setup-igel-ums-windows_6.04.120.exe fwu.igel.com/files/IGEL_UNIVERSAL_MANAGEMENT_SUITE/WINDOWS/setup-igel-ums-windows_6.04.120.exe

Ok. We already planning to update UMS to the mentioned version anyway. About the private build will those changes in private build released in an official version soon too?

Yes, even if this specific 2.01.130 PB is more or less an official build.

Got it. However it is not that easy for us to update ICG yet. We have also a .ova install in a DMZ. So, in order to work properly with Igel OS 11 we need 2.x. ? In the readme files of OS there where no info about Igel OS 11 not working with older icg 1.x versions.

Hello, I don’t think there are any known issues with ICG 1.x and OS 11. However most of the time when you run into connection issues like you are describing it is caused by something blocking or manipulating traffic between ICG and the IGEL devices.

Do you have any load balancers or firewalls that are doing packet inspection / manipulation by chance?

No. We having regular 10.x (10.5.500 and 10.6.179) clients over same ICG working perfectly.

Yes, but due to some changes in 11.03 the connections are a bit more “sensitive” than older versions of the clients

I was reading that after a UMS restart it worked, did I got you wrong?

Honestly, the best thing you can do is allow 8443 traffic unrestricted between UMS <-> ICG and ICG <-> IGEL devices

100% of the issues i have seen like this have been resolved by allowing that

That is already given

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