IGEL OS 11 gets slow after each an every build-upgrade?

OS11 Vs LX Vs OS3

I (we) have an issue with OS 11 that gets slow after each an every build-upgrade which means it takes about 82 seconds ( for the login window to appear (we are using the Citrix).

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UD3-LX (Firmware Ver. 70 Sec

UD2 (Firmware Ver. 70 Sec

UD2 (Firmware Ver. 76 Sec

UD2 (Firmware Ver. 82 Sec

UD2 (Firmware Ver. higher): could be 90 Sec and so on…

UD3 (Firmware Ver. 60 Sec

“As I know, OS3 and LX were faster than OS 11 to appear the login window”

Hope it is OS and hardware related, but it would be better if an upgrade gets the system faster than the previous build.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem?



Hi Renusan, can you check on a slow device to switch to Console with CTRL ALT F10 and check where the time gets lost?

Could you please guide me how can I check that?

What happens when you press CTRL ALT F10 on a booted up device? Is it switching into command line interface?

yes, then what should I type there?

Then reboot, the device, press esc, go into verbose boot and check if there is a specific step where the device “hangs”n longer during bootup.

Do you still mean the start of IGEL OS 11 or do you mean the Citrix Logon window?

both, start of IGEL and then until I see the Citrix Logon window.

May I know the default startup time of this new OS-build ( until the Citrix login window appears?

On my machine it needs 15 seconds (new UD7) and on a VM it needs up to 8 seconds

What about UD2?

Unfortunately I dont have an UD2 but the startup is not hardware related

are you sure the device can reach the UMS server fast enough to request and get all the assigned profiles?

It’s not only related to an IGEL, it’s about 600 Thin Clients WW which all have the same issue after I did the OS11

Means, the OS3 and LX were faster than OS 11 to appear the login window.

There is anything wrong I think

OS3 and LX had abt 35 to 40 sec as startup time, but after the OS11, it gets 80 sec

I have already checked with IGEL techs, they said, it’s normal and could be!

Are you from IGEL?


What have you changed while you have done the OS11 upgrade? Do you have created new profiles and UMS upgrade?

no, I use the same profiles, just changed the based on version, that’s all.

thats not good

if you change from OS5 or OS10 to OS11 you should create new profiles

otherwise you have a lot of configurations into the profile which are never used and needed

ok, I will ry with fresh profiles and come back to you, because you’re only the person who accepted that is not normal πŸ™‚

IGEL OS 11 should be very fast πŸ˜‰

I tried to contact you by pm message


Well I see also quite a big jump in boot times with OS11 on older UD2 hardware. My guess is, itβ€˜s mainly caused by the slow storage built in those devices.

It could also be that the linux kernel takes longer to initialize the hardware on newer kernel versions – that would affect devices with a slower CPU more that with newer ones. We got our first UD3-LX 60 devices last week and the boot prozess feels much faster than on our UD3-LX 50 devices (but I did not take times).

We have done a WebEx session together and I have seen the speed up from the devices.

All of them have 4 GB of RAM and thats the reason for the boot time

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