IGEL OS 11 machine automatically turning back on after shutting down?

Hey everyone — Has anyone experienced an IGEL OS 11 machine (mine is an HP Probook laptop) automatically turning back on after shutting down? I shutdown from IGEL OS via the “Start” menu. The laptop shutdowns completely, then a few seconds later it automatically turns back on. The only way I can get it to stay powered off is by holding the power button during the boot process while it’s on the HP screen. I checked BIOS settings to see if anything was selected or needed to be changed but couldn’t find anything. This wasn’t happening when it was a Windows machine (a few weeks ago), so I’m wondering if there is some disconnect between IGEL OS 11 and the BIOS or what might be going on. I didn’t see this on the known issues list either for IGEL OS 11.04.100. Any help/insight is greatly appreciated!

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Hey Jack, could you just for testing:

1) disabling all Wake on Lan Features in Bios

2) disable all WOL Standards in Igel OS: kb.igel.com/igelos-11.04/en/wake-on-lan-32871409.html

3) check if there is a Bios update for that device?

Booting in legacy BIOS or UEFI mode?

I’ll definitely give that a try @member.. I will have to take a look @member — Thanks for the insight!

@member @member — After updating the BIOS to and doing some testing with pretty much every combination of what you suggested, it seems like the BIOS Wake on LAN setting is what is causing the issue. Once I disable the BIOS WOL setting, it doesn’t matter how I set the IGEL OS WOL settings, Legacy/UEFI, etc. The laptop was on Legacy boot in the BIOS. Just out of curiosity, should this be set differently for best performance? UEFI hybrid with CMS or UEFI native without CMS? Thanks again!

UEFI hybrid with CMS should grant the most compatibilty. In terms of performance, no bigger change, on Security: yes.

Awesome — good to know. Thanks again!

I have machines that only turn off in UEFI and some only in legacy boot mode.

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