IGEL OS 11 monitors is not wake up from sleep?

Hi guys since the update to IGEL OS 11.3.X and following i have somethimes with my UD6 Devices that one of two monitors is not wake up from sleep.

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When the UD6 start both monitors wake up.

It boots with the splashscreen and gets black.

Now the OS comes up with taskbar.

At this point sometimes only one monitor wake up again.

The monitor config is still saved and if i turn off and on the monitor it works fine. Any idea why?

Hi Till, dumb questions maybe:

1) does the issue persists over a factory reset?

2) does the issue only happens on DP or DVI? Both?

3) You could check the Hotplug Registry key: kb.igel.com/igelos-11.03.500/en/solving-hotplugging-issues-with-display-port-monitors-27246514.html kb.igel.com/igelos-11.03.500/en/solving-hotplugging-issues-with-display-port-monitors-27246514.html

1. I did not try yet but will.

2. Only DP

3. `System > Registry > Parameter > session.user_display%.options.enhanced_hotplug` is true so it should work. `System > Registry > Parameter > sessions.user_display%.options.disable_hotplug` is on none

I have reset one device and restart it serveral times. There was no issue for now but i will further observe it. Thanks for the help

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