IGEL OS 11 reboots and stops at boot screen on VMware Workstation 14.1.5?

Using OSC_11.01.100 i try to set up a virtual IGEL under VMWare Workstation 14.1.5. The virtual IGEL does a reboot after the first successful boot (autoregistering to UMS) and then stops at the boot screen. According to VMWare documentation this is caused by kernel panic. Anyone knows, why this happens? IGEL OS 11 _should_ be compatible with VMWare Workstation, right?

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It should work. How much RAM do you use on the VM? I have seen freeze at boot of Igel OS in Vmware Workstation that was solved by adding more RAM, like 6 or 8 GB. Don’t know why this happens.

I give mine only 2GB, though that’s on Qemu/KVM. However, I think that’s how much the UD3 has, as well.

Hi, in addition: have it running this way. Everything worked smoothly, I would have a look on GPU Mem or the OS Version (sometimes, it has to be Other Linux x64) if something went wrong!

I had a similar issue and after increasing from 2GB to 4GB it came right. VMware Workstation shares the video memory with system memory and 2 isn’t enough

You guys are awesome. Adding more memory (2GB > 4GB) did the trick. I didn’t think about that as I thought 2GB should be enough. (Requirement for IGEL OS 10.)

By the way. After giving my virtual clients 4GB of RAM the installation error “Update of wfs partition failed, IGEL OS Creator build failed” disappeared as well.

Until now I had to install the client twice. On the second try the error was usually gone. But now: Hallelujah! 😉

@member @member @member If you set the harware level to 8.x in VMWare workstation, it runs fine with 2GB RAM. Thanx @member for the hint!

Just installed IGEL OS 11.3.110 with 2GB of RAM in vmware workstation 15.5.2; Compatibility set to “Workstation 10” which means “virtual hardware level 10″…

Runs smooth…

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