IGEL OS 11 Upgrade questions

So I am trying to prepare for the inevitable OS11 upgrade, and I’m a very detail oriented planner when it comes to things like this. In order to do that detailed planning I’m hoping someone here could help by answering a few questions.

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Our current UMS is residing on a server that we would like to retire, so I’ll have the option of building a new server and staging UMS for OS11 separately from our live UMS OS10 environment. Personally I like this as it will create a definitive line in regards to what is on OS11. Is it alright for me to be running two instances of UMS?

I know that for part of this process I’ll need to submit a list of our UD3 terminals to see if they are allowed to upgrade for free, and we have UDC3 licenses that I believe i can convert from 10 to 11 on my own from the activation portal (please correct me if I’m wrong). Here’s what I’m wondering:

1. When I submit the list of terminals, can I start upgrading them slowly as in only doing one here and there?

2. I’ve purchased UDC3 licenses in bundles, when those are converted will the entire bundle be converted?

3. Some of our UDC3 devices are remote, what happens when I convert these licenses to OS11 but there’s a delay in receiving the devices? Will they stop working or throw error messages?

I also recall seeing something about Citrix appliance mode no longer being available in OS11. I have a plan of changing things from appliance mode to a more desktop look that would allow them to choose to connect to our storefront through a browser connection. Am I correct in assuming that OS11 still has the Citrix ICA client?

Other than that, are there any major changes that caused unexpected challenges for anyone? I’m hoping that I’ll be able to slowly shift devices over, so I can have a very limited group of people testing out any bugs before I start pushing this out to our entire network. However, it can be nice to have a heads up for any surprises others may have gone through. 🙂

Thank you everyone!

@member response on Citrix ICA Client, that depends on what you look for. Igel OS 11 has Workspace App and 2 versions of Receiver included, though, as citrix dropped support for Legacy ICA sessions, so did we.

@member I believe that this topics should get clarified with your local Igel sales rep. since s(he) is able to provide you a better guidance than theoretical approaches. Do you have a contact to ask?

In general: I wouldn’t go for two UMS Server since it might lead to mismatch when speaking about Autoregistration, DNS, DHCP even if it‘s technically possible, IMHO.

@member Typically my iGel rep will redirect my questions, and while I’ll definitely send them an email, using this forum was just a lot quicker. 🙂 Our environment doesn’t utilize DHCP or auto registration, Or is auto registration mandatory in UMS for OS11?

😄Got it! No, not at all, it just keeps replacement / new units installations easier, IMHO, since combined to default directory rules, you don‘t have to even think about a configuration process.

Trying to answer as best as I can:

1) yes, it‘s up to you. Just know that if you want to use a license for OS10 (because of a new device), it wouldn‘t pickup a license if your license set for OS10 is already converted to WE.

2) you could split your packs like described here: kb.igel.com/licensesmore-igelos11/en/rearranging-the-licenses-of-a-product-pack-splitting-10325035.html

hope it helps!

3) no, they stay like they are until you upgrade!

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